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make sure you get the cherubs #littleitaly #sandiego (at Little Italy)

cornetti aka Nutella stuffed croissant…have you ever?? #graci #messy @lovemonello ❤️ #littleitaly #sandiego (at Monello)

#onetallpalmtree #drsuessness #sandiego (at Pacific Coast Beach)

benny on baguettes and birdcages (at Bailiwick)

#instaoysters #awshucks #rawsome (at Harbor House)


This AM my man friend and I were discussing my chipmunk tendencies. MF proceeded to look up domesticated chipmunks and what it takes to care for one. Well I totally learned things. I learned that when you’re reading a blog dedicated to the caring and domestication of chipmunks and you substitute my name “CJ” for the word “chipmunk” the blog is still very accurate. For example, “CJs love to run and explore, stopping just for quick touches…CJs are VERY independent creatures and should be both approached and treated as such.”  On point! Thank you.

So I have no issues what-so-ever when it comes to being compared to a chipmunk. Actually, I embrace it. Yes, chipmunks and CJs are super energetic, can behave like kids, and are a little capricious at times, but I’m a huge advo of letting our inner youth out of the cage a bit more anyways. We learn from our pets. We learn from children. We see them so carefree and happy and we realize that, regardless of the situation, life isn’t so bad- it’s what you make it. We can certainly learn from chipmunks, too.  

As quoted by Federico Fellini, ”Never lose your childish enthusiasm- and things will come your way.”

my friends get me 👯 #bestbirthdaycardever #vegan #inveganleatherwetrust

Not all those who wander are lost

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Luke Bryan + surprise visit from Florida Georgia Line at Summerfest #countryboys #tightjeans #sigh #callme @lukebryan @flagaline (at Marcus Amphitheater)

Learning about the ancient Chinese practice of Falun Dafa this morning! At the end of class my teacher handed me a lotus flower. The lotus seed sprouts from the mud to become a beautiful flower…#thinkaboutit #falundafa